Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why I'll Never Compromise on Customer Service: Clients Deserve the Best, Always



I’m near tears writing this because I am so glad I found you. My name is Stephanie Nosike. You knew me as just Stephanie and you did my hair at Queen Salon about 13 years ago. With all sincerity, I prayed before I got out of my bed this morning that I would find Nadine or someone equally as good as the “Hair Doc,” and I added that I didn’t want anyone with the potential to be as good as Nadine--I’m tired of hair mishaps.

Today my prayer was answered. My first thought was to look on facebook, but first I went online and typed in your name and your website was one of the choices. When I saw “Hair Doc” I knew that was you. I have spent the most part of the morning on your webpage, just happy to see you and see what you’re doing, happy knowing that a good hair cut is coming! In one of the testimonials, the client, second from bottom, mentions that you could never stop doing hair, indicating that you could never be replaced. That is the truth. I have never been able to replace you. The reason I lost contact with you was because after I had my first child I reduced my work hours and had to make some sacrifices. I looked for you periodically for years with no success until today. I will be in soon. Love you! Thank you, Jesus. -Stephanie. Reposting. Original post date was Jan. 26 2011....