Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Jargon

Every professional field has its own jargon, a language that is communicated and understood exclusively by those professionals but not readily understood by the client. We like to share/interpret our jargon with clients so they can be educated on what is happening with their hair at every stage of our service. An empowered client is a repeat client. When our clients are traveling on business or leisure and must patronize another salon, this knowledge enables them to ask professional questions regarding the services they are receiving. If, as a client in a new setting, a stylist/hair care professional appears uncomfortable by your questioning or can’t provide ready, satisfactory answers to your inquiries, then keep shopping!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Networking is Powerful

As a client, are you aware that you are an integral part of multi-level marketing for the hair care business? By simply modeling your hair style in your daily work and leisure life, you’re a walking advertisement for your personal stylist as your hair makes a powerful statement about how your feel about yourself as well as your stylist’s skills. Your hair, its uniqueness and the unique way you wear it, generates the word of mouth “marketing” that makes you an influential part of the hair care industry. When people admire your hair, the perfect conversation—networking opportunity—begins about your stylist, current trends, and products. Information is exchanged, and you and the industry benefit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Weather Report

Spring Cleaning is much more than a domestic chore. And much more exciting. The season of renewal sees flowers blooming, our bodies reinvigorated, and our minds rid of old thoughts and teeming with new ideas. Are you in full bloom? Even more, is your hair in full bloom? Does your hair display the energy and vibrancy you feel in this season of renewal? If not, this is a great time to get with your stylist about new ways and styles of wearing your hair. This does not necessarily mean cutting most or all of your hair, but maybe simply adding color or highlights for a fresh, new spring look. Remember to ask your stylist about the products you need to achieve your new look and to maintain the texture and style consistently, regardless of the weather forecast. "Hair Doc"