Monday, February 28, 2011

Nadine's Tip of the Day

Learning Lessons: It is very important to be open to life-long learning. When you stop or lose interest in learning, you kill your progress and diminish your chance for success and reaching your full God-given potential. You will make mistakes and regrettable decisions along the way, but they are teachable/learnable moments in your growth and overall success. Seek out mentors (experts in your area of interest who can help guide you and help you navigate road blocks along the way). Don't expect them to give you all the answers because they won't have all the answers--they are still learning as well. But their experiences (mistakes, triumphs, and people they've met along their journey) will be very helpful to you. And then, once you've achieved your dream(s), you can then be a mentor to someone else--and watch your blessings multiply! --Hair Doc

Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Washing? Not So Healthy

Let's talk about washing our hair. I've found that most of us in the hair industry have been spreading the word to non-black clients, "You need to wash your hair daily." And I've found hairstylists who have dry bleached hair who still think they need to wash their hair daily, too. I also know in 2011 there are a lot of us, "hairstylists," who don't clarify our hair. Well, this alone would make you want to wash daily just to get rid of some of the build-up that you put on it day after day, and with regular ph-balanced moisturizer and shampoo, you would never get your hair truly clean. Well, let's get rid of this misconception and start giving our hair a break! Let's give it a break from water daily, which just dries the hair out. A break from blow drying daily, which also dries the hair out, and last but not least, flat ironing and curling, which burns the hair OFF. Let's just keep it real, guys, you are only doing what's been told to you for years in your households and from your stylist, who might be in a BOX on this. Let's talk: Do you wash your hair everyday? What texture hair do you have? How much coloring? Share with us your hair story, we'd love to know!! After all, "Hair is Hair" and if it is time to come out the BOX, clients and stylists, then make the change. I promise you, you'll wish you would have sooner. -"Hair Doc"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To Mothers, Fathers & Daughters Struggling with Hair Issues

Picture this scene morning after morning: Two beautiful sisters, ages 6 and 11, in the bathroom screaming mad because I can't get their hair to lay flat, crying when I try to get the terrible tangles out of their hair, and mad because I always seem to put their hair in the same "poof ball" hairstyle. Basically summing this up--all their lives everyday has been a bad hair day! As young girls wanting to be in style, fit in, feel good about themselves, and dealing with peer pressure, imagine their personal hair struggle everyday.

Well, that's about to change! We have discovered Nadine's Beauty World. She is our "new best friend." I know people have called her an angel; well, we consider her the "hair goddess." I cut and saved an article about her and her salon, which was written in the O.C. Register. It was a year later that we actually went to see her, and my girls are now in ''hair heaven!" My two girls are biracial and they each have their own unique texture of hair. I have spent tons of money on just about every black and white "fizz ease" hair product out there. I have tried numerous salons and hairdressers, all to no avail. Then, by "divine intervention," we enter Nadine's World. She gave each girl a consultation and asked me how I cared for their hair and how often do they go to the salons for conditioning treatments, cuts, etc. I honestly was embarrassed for myself. My 11-year-old had probably been to a salon maybe five times, and my 6-year-old had only been once. (Imagine as an adult woman only going to a hair salon once a year). Shame on me!

The transformation of my girls' hair before and after Nadine's has been marvelous! When my oldest daughter left the salon she was beaming a huge smile, couldn't stop looking at herself, and was trying out all kinds of hair styles--and this was just a few minutes out of the salon to the car! My youngest was looking jealously at her big sister's hair. I told her that in seven more days it would be her turn. For the next six days my little one would wake up every morning and count down to her "hair day!" On day seven she woke up, was dressed and ready to go by 8 a.m.--her hair appointment wasn't until noon. My youngest loved getting her hair rinsed, shampooed, conditioned and clarified. She then spent time under the hair dryer reading magazines. The end result was nothing but magnificent. My daughter could not believe her hair looked like it did! She started cheering herself on in the mirror, flipping and tossing her long, healthy looking hair, no frizz hair all around. As their mother I shared their excitement, but I also had a wait and see attitude: Was this just a passing hair fling or would my daughters get into good relationship with themselves and their hair?

The first day both sisters went to school with their "new dos" turned out to be a very feel-GREAT-about-yourself day! Everyone--teachers, parents, students--noticed and complimented them on their hair. My girls were on cloud nine with their heads held high.

That morning, and every morning since, ALL screaming, crying, and frustration regarding their hair is gone. They follow to the tee exactly what Nadine taught them. They brush their own hair. Most girls probably take this for granted, but this was the first time ever my girls have been able to run a brush through their hair. They style their own hair. Their feel-good, look-good, can-do-good attitude is just so wonderful for them to have on a daily basis. They both wrap their hair every night and put their scarves on because that is what Nadine taught them to do if they want to continue to have their hair look good.

Nadine taught me that their hair care needs to be part of the family budget, that I need to be responsible to take them to get their hair done. We cannot thank Nadine enough. This was such a long overdue experience and we feel immensely grateful to the personal and professional interest that Nadine took in educating all three of us on their hair care.

Nadine is all about educating and getting the word out that hair shouldn't be treated as black hair or white hair, but just simply hair!

-The Robinson Family

Two sided brush for everyone