Saturday, February 27, 2010

Attitude Can Make You or Break You

I had such a great class session yesterday with students in the beauty industry! I've been in the industry 30 years and this was one of the most memorable education experiences. I had a great group of professional stylists who helped make the class unforgettable with their rapt attention and “receiving attitude.” Not sure how some will remember me because they hardly spoke with their mouths, but their attitude—overall body language and curious eyes—said it all! If you know you are giving something of value to others and their attitude seems unwelcoming or not nice, just continue to do your best with a commitment to and confidence that you’ve made an indelible impression and imparted a lesson they will take with them into their future. Our goal is to GIVE to those who, we’re hopeful, will receive it openly. I believe they will WIN!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Familiar Box

Have you ever wondered why some consumers put you “in a box” as soon as you tell them your work title? When I tell some people I'm a hairstylist, they seem to have already decided what I stand for and what my value for my SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE will be worth, because of what Susie or Joe may charge for theirs! Some make comments that are put-downs of my industry based on their perceptions of the hair-care industry. I'm not blowing my own horn, but I'm truly not a "Familiar Hairstylist" and I feel that so many of my fellow stylists and hair-care specialists aren't either. I also wonder if consumers know that there are some hairstylists that can put them in a "Familiar Box" but choose not to because of their commitment to professionalism. We will instead teach the presumptive consumer just how unfamiliar or uncommon we truly are—not the typical hairstylist. Let us, both consumer and hairstylist, be people-friendly and customer oriented with one another and make our relationship a WIN/WIN endeavor.

"Not a Familiar hairstlyist....and knows her own value too. Thanks for reading

"Hair Doc"

There's no "I" in Team

During my years of owning a salon and working in others, it allowed me to study whether I was a true team player or just a person working in the salon with a group of individuals that worked together. Just because you own a salon and are a stylist working closely together with others day after day, having pot lucks, and exchanging gifts on birthdays and Christmas, doesn’t mean you have created a team-concept salon. Far from it, especially when you expect your salon’s hair business to grow along with all the other centers. 
As salon owners we need to have someone come into our business and help analyze and assist us in making important decisions on the business operations and individual goals. This second pair of eyes and fresh perspective will help you distinguish those who are truly team players and those who are simply working individually within the group. A “group” could be disappointing to an owner and stylist who is really looking for a “team” environment and would be more comfortable in a team-based setting. So, let’s make sure that both of these concepts are looked at and figured out for your business, but always remember: The person who wants to open this business wants to profit, too! We need to look at situations that are win/win for salon owners, stylists and, most of all, our clients and customers.

The Price is Right

As clients, some of us shop for the best price, some for the most convenient location, some frequent salons referred by friends or relatives, and some seek out salons that offer personal customer service. All these factors affect price. I recommend requesting the best price for the services you require. Clients who are very concerned about the final result may travel an hour or more to salons and may have to schedule their appointments a month or more in advance. While this may seem inconvenient, it’s often worth the time and money. Remember, the price may be higher than what others might pay, but you often get what you pay for!

Curly? Frizzy? Kinky? Straight?

Working with an ethnically diverse clientele has helped me analyze all different hair textures. The bottom line for clients is that they want to be taught how to work with their own hair, whatever the texture, to make it beautiful and controllable. At Nadine’s World, we have been able to do this for our clients, whatever their ethnicity. Please visit us monthly for more information on this topic. And, add your own comments to our blog and share your ideas too!

Purple Cow

This cow would stand out. You would spot it out of all the brown cows. Their titles are the same, but the purple one would be "remarkable" to look at. I have decided that I no longer want to be told, “You intimidate them, Nadine! They feel uncomfortable around you.” In a competitive field there are some people who may feel that way around you. Please don't take it personally and don’t “dim” your God-given light. Keep shining and stay humble. After all, You must be a Purple Cow, too, and that simply means You are REMARKABLE. This book is a GREAT read. Someone bought it for me and, in turn, I bought 5 for others!