Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Knowledge

Professional hair care products, the very ones your hair stylist uses on your hair in the salon, aren’t just for the hair care professional’s use. The pride we take in educating and sharing our knowledge with our clients is not limited to the techniques we use during your appointment. The products we use are part of that information sharing, and we gladly teach our clients how to apply the products to their hair for at-home care. Did you know these professional products are available for purchase? When you get compliments on your hair’s texture, cut, body, sheen or finish, why not share the product information with family and friends? Those who are intrigued by your hair and would like to experience the types of products and services we provide can then get the benefits that you currently enjoy. And they’ll thank you for the generosity. And so will we!

Hair Consultation

Some businesses claim that their door is always open to their customers, and, true enough, many do make an effort to be as accommodating as possible to clients’ needs and concerns. We don’t just make the effort. We truly open the door, and keep it open, for when our clients need us. Ours is an open door policy because our clients’ needs truly are our business. We offer this because we want our customers to become clients for life. Anytime our clients feel the need to speak to us about their hair or any other beauty matter, they are free to call and make an appointment. Consultation is very important to us because it is vital in establishing and cultivating the client-professional stylist relationship. Things change from year to year with our bodies, our skin, and, most of all, our hair, so we are here to help whenever necessary. Call 1-877-4153145 anytime to schedule a consultation appointment.