Sunday, September 2, 2012

Diversity in our salon

Today there is a growing need for salons to be able to service all textures of hair. Wouldn't you rather go to a salon that specializes in all textures of hair or would you like to continue to go to different salons for every member of your family? This is a concern that needs to be changed, largely because of the growing bi-racial relationships. Others may start making the change because the money is greener and they NEED to feed their families and pay their bills! We know that people today seek convenience, but more importantly, they really want service. Knowledge is the key to tapping into this clientele and giving them the best hair cut, the best color, and also the best texture! Tap in and make the change. Don't just go for the green without the knowledge and the skills that you have copied from someone else, who copied from someone else, etc. 

-"Hair Doc"

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