Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Questions & Answer Time!!.....Enjoy

Q: Should I get a trim to help my hair grow?

A: Guys, even healthy hair needs to be kept trimmed for healthy maintenance and growth. Trimming alone is not the reason your hair grows, but if hair grows ¼ to ½ inch per month, trimming is important to help keep growth noticeable, meaning the hair has a chance to grow and the split ends will be trimmed on time before they damage the growth while the hair is truly growing.

By the way, make sure your stylist knows your hair’s growth pattern, so when you decide to get a cut or trim, they can recommend what’s best for your personal growth pattern. This is very important so you can see your hair growing. –“Hair Doc”

Q: Can conditioning truly help my hair grow?

A: Conditioners are to be used to moisturize, strengthen, reconstitute/restore and help promote body and shine. With the right conditioning treatment at each visit with your stylist, you should see and feel healthier, shinier hair with more body. If you go to the salon with damaged hair and want it restored to a healthy state,

you should see noticeable results (hair mending) within 3 visits. If not, consider a new hair care provider who can ensure the results you seek. –“Hair Doc”

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